Dear Awesome Person,

Thank you for reading this!

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area has given me lots of hands-on experience and rare learning opportunities to master a unique variety of skills.

I love complex processes that utilize a variety of talents, teamwork, collaboration, and “out of the box” thinking.

I took a film script of 10 pages and after utilizing state of the art digital cameras, editing systems, computer systems, a cast of actors and collaborators, I won the “Best Film" producer award at a very prestigious film festival in Los Angeles.

During the Northern California fires of 2018, I was called out to San Francisco to help with a lease-up that was not hitting its targets. I remember the streets were empty and smoke filled the city. Despite the conditions, I was able to finish a 60 unit luxury lease-up in 2 months instead of the projected 6 months.

I have over 40,000 social media followers spread over LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Using my expertise in social media marketing, I was able to grow my clients’ Instagram by 800% in 2 weeks by creating new content and by utilizing my existing social networks.

I managed and trained 35 remote “New Home Sales Specialists,” on a proprietary software system that I ran. My team was spread over California, Washington, Arizona, and Nevada.  Despite many of my team having little or no experience in utilizing technology to increase sales, we broke records and hit some amazing milestones.

I can come up with really good ideas. I applied and then was invited to enter "Google's Global Startup Ecosystem" after submitting my concept for HomeKeyX in 2014. I have been part of Google’s startup ecosystem ever since, which provides me with a constant cutting edge look at technology, meet-ups, classes, early information, and what is coming next.

I love challenges!

Thank you for your consideration!


John Meredith



Copyright John Meredith. 2020

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